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The federal government is focusing more attention on the privacy and security of patient health information.  Failure to meet the requirements for HIPAA can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and unwanted media attention. Are you HIPAA compliant? What about your business associates? Have you done the required HIPAA Risk Assessment? How will you respond if there is a government investigation?

Vicki Myckowiak, an expert in HIPAA in interventional pain practices, will provide a practical and understandable presentation to help move you through the sometimes overwhelming HIPAA requirements so that you can feel comfortable that you are meeting the government requirements.

This webinar will include information on: HIPAA Security for your practice, doing the required risk analysis and how to avoid patient electronic records from being stolen including:

•    What is HIPAA and Who Oversees it

•    Who must comply

•    What information needs to be protected

•   What are business associate agreements and who needs them.

•    How to do a required HIPAA Risk Analysis

•    What happens if you don't comply and how much can you pay

•    Where to get started

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Webinar Date:
November 14, 2018
HIPAA Webinar
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Vicki Myckowiak  [ view bio ]
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